This whole thing is the brainchild of photographer Erik Stenbakken. Straight from his imagination to your screen (or wall, 20x24 metallic prints available for sale $265 unframed). Here are some production notes so you have an idea of what Stenbakken Photography did to pull this off. We can handle your job too -- no matter how hairy.

• set & prop rentals

• site scouting, permissions & permits (multi-state shoot)

• makeup, wardrobe & meals

• location lighting (miles from power)

• model selection & management (15 models)

• multi-state shoot

• vehicle rental & management

• conception, photography, edit & post work

• all shot high-res digital

• shoot scheduling and execution

• … and the shoot took two VERY full days (and a night)

We welcome your questions, comments, and requests for bid.

p.s. if the real Bigfoot exists, I hope he’d be pleased with my interpretation of his life. And by all means, I’d like to meet him. (yeah, “him.” Thinking about a “she” bigfoot just doesn’t seem right to me.)